Thankful Thursday ~ January 22

I am grateful for the green hills we had before they went brown. I am grateful for my new lavender plants. A lovely new library to visit.

Friday: Op-shop finds. Trouble free run with the car. My daughter's new glasses, and my other daughter's nice hair cut. The cheap hoses hubby bought for the garden. The new choker chain for the dog, that actually fits.

Saturday: I was amazed how cool our air-conditioning was at our new house. Maybe I'll get to take advantage of that in the future.

I am grateful I saw my favourite bird, instead of just heard him/her.

I was really happy that my multi-head sunflower is at my new house, I thought we were sunflower free there this year which would have been sad. We have planted some late in the season. I saw my new salvia involucrata bethellii and buddliea are growing well and that my new herb has grown quite big. My new veronica got planted.

Sunday: I found a Christian movie I may buy sometime when there are less contraints on our budget.

I saw my Nana's house for sale on the internet, it hasn't been my Nana's house since a little before she died in 1984.

Monday: The cool night which makes the house pleasant on a warm to hot day.

Hubby found a funny old pot, like a stew pot with a handle so our dog/puppy can have water while he is on the chain. He goes there now while the washing dries. He loves "helping" with the washing. I am sure he knows when the washing has been hanging on the line too long. He can't have a bucket, he likes to chew plastic.

Our spider lilies flowered. Very nice, and would cheer anyone up.

Tuesday: The rain was nice, and it stopped it being a hot day I think. We haven't had rain for a long time. It came down all at once. We enjoyed a nice meal with crusty bread. My husband had a swollen leg and he got to see a doctor and it seems fine with rest and asprin.

Wednesday: I enjoyed our meal and we finally got to use up our sweet potatoes. We got some weeding done here at home. We went to our new house and got our new dishwasher as ours wasn't turning on. It looked lovely in our kitchen and is so quiet, so I was blessed by what was just sitting around somewhere else.

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Homeland II by Tandi Venter
Homeland II


scrappy quilter said…
I so enjoyed reading Thankful Thurs. It always makes me feel better when I take the time to be thankful for the little things.
June said…
I love this, thank you. When I stop to think about all the things that I'm grateful for, there's just no room left to feel anything but (sigh) contentment. Nice!
Out Back said…
Lovely post Linda.

I must remember to be thankful for things more and to stop thinking negative thoughts.

Thank you for sharing,

Joyce said…
Hi, Linda,
I very much like your idea of taking note of what you are thankful for each day of the week, and then posting it all on Thursday.

I am happy you have your sunflower. Sunflowers are among my favorite flowers also. :)

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