Catching Up

I have been meaning to post all day. My daughter was home from school today. Her bus got in at 11pm last night. It broke down. From what I understand the bus driver was very resourceful. They were in a town while they waited and got to see some movies.

Some of my comments to people's blogs were brief and I left out bits I was going to say. All very interesting. Tania, I love tomato relish. It is a must have I think. From memory I think I like it with cold silverside, would that be it? Mandy I don't remember corn that tall from my childhood, I could be wrong. I think the corn is great.

Apparently before our daughter went fishing hubby told her his fishing line was old and that it wouldn't take a lot of weight. She was bringing in an eel. A boy somehow was "helping" her with it and she lost it. However, she says that they said she got the biggest fish from the yearly camp so far, and some asked for tips. She said it was only the second time out for her. She told me she loves fishing. That must be true as she had to get up early at camp to go fishing. There wasn't any stronger line to buy here apparently. The fishing spot had a scaling station which was interesting.

I have been so very tired today. I have heard that mentioned on a couple of blogs today. Maybe from the weekend and previous days hot weather and/or the emotions of the fires. My eyes felt terrible, felt much better closed. I had a power nap in the afternoon and that seemed to do the trick.

The smoke has gone from here, but popped up in other places, like the Eastern suburbs and South Australia. The wind must have changed direction perhaps. A cool day, but you can feel it is slowly warming up again.

I went to the chemist, talking to the lady about heat rash. Basically I have to keep it cool. I wonder if I can get it cleared up before the hot weather comes back. One can hope.

I have been happy about things like being able to use the oven, everything seemed more normal. The kids went swimming today and said it was freezing in the water. Unfortunately though our town pool is often like that.

The economic stimulus package has apparently gone through. Our routine at school still a little choppy. Some homework getting done, with relapses back into holiday like behaviour.

Our little girl was at a disco tonight and it seemed like it was much easier to talk to the older girls. Most times we don't notice one or two missing attention-wise.

The picture above is a graphic I once posted in a forum signature when I was feeling hot. I am not hot today, but I thought I would show it to you.

Tomorrow is the last of Little Jenny Wren's 14th day of the month series a day in my life.


I'm glad everything was ok with your dd, the bus breaking down and that she got home safely.
Denise said…
I enjoyed reading your post Linda and have enjoyed catching up. I haven't been as diligent about getting around the blogs lately. We have been hearing all about the heat and the fires on the news. So sad, so much devastation, you've been in our prayers.
scrappy quilter said…
The picture is so cute. Glad the smoke has left and that the heat is a little better. Here it's -26C this morning. The roads are finally all opened after the freezing rain and snow.
All abit smoky still here but better than yesterday.
I love the ingenity to the kids catching a mOvie whilst waiting on the repairs...
Sandra said…
Cute picture :)

It was great reading your post, I felt like I was sitting down to a chat with you.
Linda said…
Thanks Linda and Denise.

Scrappy that sounds very cold to me. I couldn't even imagine. Glad you can get about.

Cupcake I loved the claws on your visitor friend. The kids must have been organised to see the movie, but it is such a cute town, I bet they had lots of fun. Apparently they broke down twice and the first time it was just waiting with nothing to do. Some had their hand held entertainment even though it was banned. Glad they weren't in any way exposed. As I said the driver had lots of spares and know how. He did get something sent away. I remember when I was little help seemed to materialise. I guess they keep in contact with people. Maybe it was within range of phones.

Thanks Sandra.

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