Thankful Thursday ~ February 26

Another week where I didn't get more than two days accounted for with what I was thankful for. My week goes much better when I am thankful everyday. The theme for this week is basics. Please visit Iris to read more entries about this theme. It speaks about having the basics of life. Iris speaks about the people of the Yukon running out of food. I know of the history of the Yukon by reading novels by Tracie Peterson, like Ashes & Ice, part of a series. Which means I can understand this pdf from 1901 when a similar thing happened. I can't find any modern day news reports, am going to follow Iris' link.

Last night I read about the Back to Basics host Belinda who today is leaving her home for the day because it is a high fire danger day. Please pray for her home and that Victoria's fire danger season to be over soon. I read in my local paper that we are having a local memorial service for those lost in the fires this Sunday. They think that some local people will be reminded of the 2003 fires and need the extra encouragement.

I am low on money this week and today I am going about a pantry challenge or counting again, just to make sure everything is covered. I do appreciate the provision of food.

Friday: The older girls had a lovely evening at Youth group. They had an abstract art night and one of the games was based around Mr. Squiggle.

Saturday: My husband had an accident while backing out the car. Thankfully no one was hurt and minimal damage done. I am thankful we had enough money for what we wanted to do, and that included a second hand desk for my daughter's computer.


scrappy quilter said…
I so enjoy reading these thankful posts. I know I've said it before, yet we truly do have much to be thankful for. We sometimes have to dig deep and yet there is always something.

I pray Belinda is safe and that the weather cools down.

I've read Tracie's books too. Great reads.
Linda said…
I loved that series very much. I am starting a new one now.
Angela said…
Beautiful post.
One of the beautiful things that have happened with this horrible economy has been the opening of my eyes to the provisions that God supplies me with. I'm thakful he opened my eyes to gardening and growing my own food!
Cathy said…
Hello Linda
Thank you for dropping by and your nice comments when I was feeling down. My days are much calmer now.

You certainly have a lot to feel thankful for, life can be stressful at times and when we sit back and think it turns out some things are quite pleasant after all.

Funny we should both do a post about Magpies in the same week. I love them

Take care
Linda said…
You have been in my thoughts Cathy, glad you are feeling better.
Denise said…
A very nice post Linda. Glad your husband wasn't hurt or anyone else. I hope that Belinda's home will be okay. We've been thinking a lot of those who were affected by the fires and the heat over there.
Joyce said…
I do hope the fire danger season will be over soon for you.

I am thankful for the basics, too. We are needing to be careful with finances, so I am trying to use up what's in my pantry.

I enjoyed your 'thankful' list.

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