Back to Basics Challenge

Sowing seed or Planting

The girls had a lovely time picking raspberries today. I was very pleased, we got a lunchbox full.

Planning for The Future - meal planning, the next seasons garden plan, working out storage plans or more long term goals and projects like plans for digging root cellars

My husband has worked out which size screw type thing to attach the knobs that fall off the kitchen cupboards at our newer house. He plans on buying at least some, see below.

Working for the Future - storing food, managing stores, preserving, building that home made cob or solar oven, adding house insulation, saving for manual grain mills etc

Quite a long time ago my husband took the edge off these kitchen benches. They were soft wood and had cuts from the previous owner or even before that. He took some wood off, not the whole thing, and is not working on painting the edge and the knobs.

When we bought the house, we took up the carpet in the dining room. One piece of the floor was chipboard. We saved some boards from the kitchen, when the floor had to be replaced because of white ants I think. Now they have been cut I think, and coated with tung oil. They are going to be put down. However the area at the moment is a entrance to the subfloor area as the water is what caused the ant problem. We now know how to stop the water coming in. However, the area has had two torrential downpours and we are just a few days behind it. We had it dried out, but try try again. We keep a fan under there.

You may remember our possible chicken/chook house from a previous post? Two of our children worked on Saturday afternoon to take it away from the pond. We are worried about being trapped with a snake while feeding them. My husband thought we meant to take it apart. But it has been decided we are moving it to the area I may turn into an orchard in the future. I was proud of the work they did. They are going to try to lift it over the smaller rocks I think with Dad's help.

On the way home, I showed the girls the wild apple and plum trees. I love the taste of the apple it reminds me of farm apples, or something I remember from childhood. We listened to their Dad's CD of Joan Jett on the way home. Yes, it is a bit much, but the music I like, maybe not all the lyrics. The late summer fun ends with daylight saving this weekend. However, I was worried about the houses. Not sure what to do still. Joan Jett on Youtube was too much.

Altering clothes, see below.

Building Community - volunteering, donations, joining an existing community group, forming your own community group, taking a cake to a friend having a hard time, calling someone you just let drift out of your life, etc

I got a bag of books ready and took them to the op-shop. Then we got three bags of clothes, just shopping bag sized. I asked my husband to get the bags down from our son's room, I had found some underwear that would fit our youngest daughter. She had been saying she needs some more trousers or pants. I ended up with quite a lot of them for her drawer that fit now. Some are mid season which is good. One of them is pictured below. They are the pants that my husband took in, they already had darts and he took them in further. There is one more pair that can be taken in and worn. Slightly heavier than summer weight jeans in light blue with flowers.

Learn a new Skill

My daughter had sewing homework on Monday last?. From what she described she had to mark darts or something on the pattern. She mentioned dots and I imagine double tread. I had forgotten that from my high school sewing classes. I hope I see hers to refresh my memory.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


Yummy raspberries... since it's spring here, I'm just dreamin' for July when mine are in.

Great pics...
JGH said…
I may have to join this challenge! What a beautiful crop of raspberries, my favorite fruit. And kudos to your kids for all the help moving the coop.
scrappy quilter said…
It's always so interesting to see what you are doing in this challenge. I haven't posted much about our back to basics, just haven't had much time has of late. It's great to be able to read what someone else is doing.

You often talk about your other house. Are you moving to it or selling it?
Linda said…
Good question. We bought it to move into.

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