The Biggest Kitchen Table - Preserving/Canning

This photo my husband took yesterday at the Agricultural show. What a wonderful job the lady did. My favourite is the nectarines.

Here are my preserving posts:

1. Recipe for Ezy-Sauce Tomato Chutney
2. Recipe for Cucumber Pickles
3. Photos of making Citron or Jam Melon Pickles (scroll down)
4. Jam Melon recipes
5. More photos from Jam Melon Pickles including picture of melon
6. Green Tomato Pickles recipe
7. Photo of melon seedlings and jars of pickles
8. Making plum jam
9. Homemade Worcestershire Sauce


Sandy said…
How wonderful! Thank you for all of your info and links. Great show! And encouraging to see since we are still in the throws of winter! -Sandy

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