Eggless Pancakes

Pancakes with Orange Slices and Maple Syrup by Jan-peter Westermann

My daughter has a friend over for a sleepover. I wished for them to have a nice lunch. We are on our last day of a pantry challenge. I thought we'd have pancakes, for some reason had no recollection that we have no eggs.

Hubby was not fazed by this. Then a quick look on the net for reassurance, mostly for myself.

The pancakes turned out very nice. Quite thick and fluffy, so perhaps suited to a smaller pancake.

Here is his recipe:

Egg-free Pancakes

2 1/2 cups Self Raising Flour (cups are 250ml not US 200ml)
2 pinches salt
5 tablespoons white sugar (tabs are 20ml not 15ml)
3 tablespoons oil
approximately 1 litre milk

Mix oil into dry ingredients. Add milk slowly and beat with egg beater.


Joyce said…
The pancakes look quite good also! One of my daughters is moving toward being vegan in her eating, so I suppose I'll be learning more about doing things 'eggless.' Right now I'm working on no meat and no dairy.
Caroline said…
What a great idea to know this. I'm not usually in this predicament as I have my own chooks,but great to know anyway.

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