Fowlers Vacola ~ Bottling Apples

Bottled Apples for Puddings Pies and Stewed Fruit are most handy. They can also be served with cream or custard for dessert as you would Peaches or Pears, and are delicious. Any variety of Apple may be bottled satisfactorily, either in Water or Syrup, preferably Water, as they can be sweetened when used. Many bottle this Fruit in Water for Pies and Puddings. When bottling Apples in any form, do not add Cloves, as these tend to cause discolouration of the Apples.

Drop the sliced Apples into a solution of 1 dessertspoon of Salt to 4 pints of Water, until ready to fill the Bottles. This solution prevents the Apples from discolouring, but just before finally packing the Fruit into the Bottles, rinse in Water to remove any "salty" taste which the solution may have imparted to the Fruit.

We recommend blanching the slices before bottling. This can be done quite easily by using the Wire Blanching Basket and Boiler illustration on page 138. The Apple slices should be immersed in boiling Water (keep Water boiling) for 2 minutes, then packed in the Bottles. If this is done, more slices can be packed in each Bottle and the slices do not take up so much of the Water or Syrup during sterilisation, as do slices of raw Apple

Place Rings on Bottles. Peel, core and slice the Apples into the solution mentioned on page 37 to prevent discolouration. Rinse. Blanch, as per instruction given above. Pack slices in Bottles. Fill Bottles with Water or Medium Syrup. Place Covers and Clips on bottles.

Bring to 200 degrees, allow to fall to 170 degrees, and hold at 170 degrees until 2 1/2 hours have elapsed since the Therometer first registered 200 degrees.

Fowlers method of bottling fruits and vegetables 27th revised edition.


Vintage Girl said…
Thanks for the instructions. I have 2 large bags of apples here that I plan on making some apple pies for the freezer and this recipe sounds wonderful! I have been enjoying your blogs very much. Blessings, Heather
I have been Yapping to everyone about your older post of all your preseves done in the FV....
I was unfamiliar with the system...
I have Fv envy
Sandra said…
Great instructions, I'm bookmarking for future reference :)

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