I had a chance to read some of the entries for this lovely meme a couple of weeks ago. For some reason being grateful seems to get more typed about it than being thankful. Do you think it is the word? Maybe it is just a coincidence. Do you feel it is easier yourself to be grateful than thankful?

I have not been very organised for my thankful posts but wanted at least to mention this week something we saw while outside in the garden. I assume my little girl wanted me to come out the front one night. My middle daughter pointed out some bats flying over the house. I haven't seen any since we saw some at the creek a couple of years ago flying over the water. I love people being observant.

I have had a very busy evening. But thankfully some nice things have happened too. Hopefully one blessing will pan out for my son in the next few days.

Today also during another difficult time, my husband rang to ask how it was going. He just thought to ring me today.

We had a little rain. I am sure it all helps. I noticed some street trees, well two that look like they are going to die. Hopefully it shoots again enough only to have some dead branches.

My pantry challenge is officially over. I had a meatball soup that wasn't going to turn out, the recipe and the idea, and we were able to change it to minestrone, by altering some of the ingredients, and we all enjoyed it.

If you haven't been to Heavenly Homemakers before, do yourself a favour and pop in for a visit.


scrappy quilter said…
Great question about thankful and grateful. To me they are pretty much the same. Sometimes hard to do either and yet I feel so important in our daily lives. Even though life can be very difficult at times, it seems when we are either, we tend to have a different outlook on it, kwim.

Great post.
Caroline said…
Hi Linda rainy rainy day here today what's the weather like down there??
Linda said…
Its cloudy enough to make me wonder if I should bring a jacket.
Linda said…
Three days of storms forecast, that is interesting.
Joyce said…
Hi, Linda. Just stopping by to say, 'Hello!' That site, Heavenly Homemakers, looks very nice. I read her post about playing soccer with her boys; very cute.
Hi there;

Thought I'd pop in and say "hi" since it's been awhile. Your blog is looking great and I love reading...

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