Our latest preserving/canning project

My husband is very lucky in that sometimes he is given fruit and vegetables. This time he was offered some apples. He said to me he wanted to make apple sauce. It turns out he means apple sauce like tomato sauce or kiwi fruit sauce, the stuff you put on things at the table.

This sauce is from an Ezy Sauce book from the 80s I think. It seems like it can be used for Asian things perhaps. It says pork, lamb, continental frankfurts or sausages.

I have the ingredients I think, then we will go from there. Possibly on Sunday. Though some don't get here until the fruit delivery comes.

Chilli Apple Sauce

2kg green cooking apples
1kg onions, peeled
6 green chillies
3 cups water
100g (about 8 cloves) garlic
12 whole green cardamon pods
1 tablespoon ground ginger
1 tablespoon mustard seeds
1 bottle Ezy Sauce
1 1/2 cups sugar

Core and roughly chop apples and onion. De-seed and chop chillies, place in a large saucepan, with apples, onions, water, garlic, spices, Ezy Sauce and sugar. Stir until boiling, reduce heat and simmer for 1 hour, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking to pan base. Cool slightly, push through a sieve then retrun to rinsed out pan. Bring back to the boil then fill, using a small funnel or jug, into hot serilised bottles and seal. Makes 3 litres.


Out Back said…
Hi Linda,

Thankyou for this post.

Hubby was given some apples at work and I was wondering what to do with them, now I know.

Hubby was hoping to preserve them like other fruit in the preserver, do you know anything about this?

Linda said…
Do you mean in the Fowlers bottles?

All I know is that Nana made something like stewed apple, fine and preserved it in small Fowlers bottles.

Will have a hunt around in our Fowler book.
scrappy quilter said…
Those apples look so yummie. One of my favorite fruits.
Catherine said…
Hi Linda, lovely apples - sadly ours are practically gone, there's a box in the shed of shrivelled brown-spotted Bramley cookers from last october's harvest withering away but I will salvage some for apple tart. We made apple sauce a lot some years back, but it is the Dutch style appelsaus that garnishes meat dishes, specially pork. It is very simple, stewed cooking apples with a little sugar and lemon to preserve the colour from going brown. Mash the apples when stewed in a little water and then add sugar to taste - not sweet like in pies/tarts or dessert but to take the edge off it, and we used to bottle it in warm jam jars with metal caps and it sealed and kept forever! Worth trying - peeling and coring is the labour side of it, we got the kids to do that bit!
My Mum always used ezy sauce in a brown bottle for tomato sauce,.

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