Simple Woman's Daybook ~ March 23

FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... lots of cars

I am thinking... I suppose thinking and hoping should be the bits I fill out first before my mind goes onto the things I am writing lol. I am thinking maybe I shouldn't stress too much about Year 7 homework. My daughter is very social each night, but that is probably fine for her age.

I am thankful for... my middle daughter going off to school happy.

From the kitchen... we may make some sweet potato chips, the sweet potatoes were huge this week. However it takes what seems ages. May make something with polish sausage instead.

I am wearing... green capris, pink t-shirt, it is slightly chilly as 22 or 23oC is a hard temperature for me, but I seem to be coping better with it than usual.

I am creating... I have found some curtains on ebay, lace, the right size for the last three windows that need it in my newer house. I need to work out the widths next, I have a book somewhere with measurements.

I am going... my daughter has her monthly after school activity at church. I am so lucky/blessed she can go there each month, not just at Christmas time, because they do learn about Jesus and have a lot of fun and learn songs.

I am reading... it is hard to say, I have one book to start but maybe the library will bring another one I like better. Anyone read Wild Heather by Catherine Palmer? While writing this it seems it is book 2 in a series. That is disappointing. I have read Catherine's Town Called Hope series and I enjoyed it.

I am still visiting blogs, probably not commenting as much as usual.

I am hoping... we can all get hair cuts organised. My daughter went last night, but the shop was closed. I suppose you have to keep trying these things.

I am hearing... computer noise, ticking clock

Around the house... my daughter and her friend cleaned the bathroom. They put roses, a new burner from what we call the $2 shop but it isn't. Lots of things, but I modified it yesterday a little, which was probably disappointing to her. It was very pretty.

One of my favorite things... I have been enjoying my new sauce, like ketchup made from apples. I ate it on canned braised steak and onion I think on toast yesterday.

A few plans for the rest of the week: taking up the hem on my little girl's school skirt. I hope to make sense of the bills to work out if I can go on a daytrip to see our son. Though he thinks he may be able to see us next time (May). For his 21st present he has asked for money for a BBQ, which is near the end of April. He asked if I could come and meet his girlfriends parents during Easter.

Here is picture thought I am sharing... my Italian cabbage plant that I bought at IGA. I love seeing it out there. The little bulbs coming up at the bottom of the plant are very tall bulbs, so there is not much room!


Very nice. Just as a note in case you haven't found your width yet. My mother has a custom drapery shop and she says 3 times the width of your window. It always makes it more simple for me that way....well, depending on the drapery. I guess that is for a simple hanging no frills sort of curtain. Great to stop by. Take care
scrappy quilter said…
Yes I've read Catherine Palmer's books, most of them. It's been awhile since I read the book you are talking about. If you go to her website, you should be able to see if it is book #2.
I've enjoyed her books.

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