Simple Woman's Daybook ~ March 30

FOR TODAY Sunday...

Outside my window... a sunny day, a car driving by and looking as they often seem to do

I am thinking... I think I want to get back to reading my book

I am thankful for... I thought I saw a pair of gang gangs outside my window during the week. They are another of my favourite birds.

From the kitchen... a quick dough pizza with homemade sauce made by my eldest daughter who cooks for a restaurant at school

I am wearing... my black shorts and orange t-shirt, I haven't worn the shorts all summer, it was a very hot summer and they are not cotton. Yes, I wanted to be bright today

I am creating... places for our son to go next year. I am going to get the paperwork ready for some accommodation, though you are never sure where you are going to be offered a place at uni, it does pay to get organised early. I am reading up on ENTER scores, courses, but have only worked out a little bit so far, but doable

I am going... open classes for my daughters' jazz, neo-classical and ballet

I am reading... a great little book Blue Heart Blessed

I am hoping... my school holidays will be event free. The plans have changed a couple of times. I have done the budget.

I am hearing... the news on the radio, it doesn't help to think, now my daughter playing the keyboard while awaiting her anchovies that we can't live without, now Taylor Swift, as my daughter likes it and thinks a new CD would be nice, my kids aren't usually into country. I am sure her looks have influenced my daughter's decision, but she says not

Around the house... the newly painted block of wood that helps keep my hooks on the back of my door, the hooks had fallen down, previously they were glued to the door, and had been there many years. The block of wood is purple, from my Mum's folkart goodies that the girls like to use

One of my favorite things... my daughter handed me the rest of her lime milkshake, it is a first for me, I don't think I've had a proper milkshake for years. At the time my favourite was chocolate thick shake? Malt? I did keep malt in the cupboard, that is nice with just milk

A few plans for the rest of the week: the school holidays start for two weeks

Here is picture thought I am sharing... not yet finished pizza


joolzmac said…
Hi Linda

Yes, it pays to get in early with accomodation etc for Uni. K18 missed out on the residential colleges because we left it too late.
That pizza sure looks good!

Cheers - Joolz
scrappy quilter said…
That pizza looks so yummie. I love the new look of your blog.
Linda said…
Hi Joolz and Scrappy.

It is very hard to organise, I am sure I just fluked it the first time. I was so worried because I think I only managed to get two done.

I have one done so far, I think I need another two, just to cover some bases.

flmom said…
I'm glad you linked the gang gang ... what a lovely bird! They must be a real treat to see.
Caroline said…
We are all a fan of Taylor Swift at our house. Oh well us girls anyway. The boys just cuss and say not again SO then we play it louder.LOL
Linda said…
There is a lot of music complaints around here. All variations of it.

I would feel the same as you. "Mum turn it down I'm trying to sleep I get sometimes". LOL.

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