Todays Flowers ~ March 1

On Friday we wandered around the garden of our new house looking at the flowers. Our pots of lavender has all survived except for one that didn't get enough water the first night and didn't recover. One variety of lavenders is now flowering and is very pretty. We planted a pot of windflowers probably last year, and now it is established in the garden and flowering.

The sedum was hail damaged earlier in the year, stripped, but now is very tall and pretty. Here is the post about the hail, third photo from the bottom. The other two flowers are a pink Easter daisy and a white bella donna lily. I was very impressed with my pink salvia which is not flowering yet and the green flowering tobacco.

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Denise said…
That is a beautiful selection of flower photos Linda, your garden must look very pretty right now with all those lovely blooms in it.
scrappy quilter said…
Beautiful flowers.
Anonymous said…
Lovely photos of lovely flowers Linda. Thanks for sharing them.
Darla said…
Very pretty!!
Leora said…
My favorite is the pink daisy. But truly all are lovely.
Lucky you to have a new garden with flowers to explore! The white lily is gorgeous!
Arija said…
The love you have for your garden glows through your posts. For the time of year you have a lot of flowers.
Belladonnas are all I have flowering, most everythig else is dead. Gardens neither thrive nor survive on a long hot summer without water.
Linda said…
Belladonnas are lovely like that. Thanks Arija. My husband and I like gardening. He must know I like my flowers because he keeps going even when I get discouraged. Our current house has less flowers, but some lovely crepe myrtles. I am enjoying the rose on an arch that always seems green and has perfumed pretty pink flowers.
Linda said…
Thanks guys for your lovely comments.

It is a new house, but we have had it since August 31 2007. It was a great week for planting things as it was spring the next day. Things have grown so well. But it is like exploring a new garden because some things we have put there are flowering for the first time etc. I got some little tubes on ebay and things like that.

It is pretty, a little wild with a very tall Easter daisy. My favourite was some society garlic or something that almost has naturalised itself.
blossom said…
Beautiful series of flower pictures.
guild-rez said…
Great pictures..
Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature!
Hi Linda

In Portuguese Linda is "beautiful" or "fine".

We can say: "Your flowers are beautiful" or "Suas flores são lindas"!!

Thanks for posting!


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