Turning Japanese

What a wonderful time our 18 year old son had at lunchtime. Our son's brother, our eldest, and his girlfriend have been going to a lot of effort to make up a special box for our son's birthday. Finally it arrived, not too late, and I think it was very much worth the wait for him. He had a lovely time.

Some of the items I think are from the new Asian shop in Belconnen called The Hub, which apparently has more lollies/candy than the Gungahlin store. The Hub has been specially made to make everyone feel welcome, and I know I felt very welcome there, in Gungahlin.

Even the box was Japanese. Our son loves Japanese things so much, he would love to learn the language. The box looked wonderful when we opened it, but by the time I got the camera it had been well rummaged through! So many goodies. Lots of things our son hadn't seen before. I love being a parent of older children and watching their thoughtfulness, and also our son's girlfriend who is especially gifted when it comes to making gifts look special.

What I particularly liked about the shop last winter, was the landscaping plants, and the fresh fruit.


Cathy said…
Hello Linda
Its nice to know they haven't drifted away from each other and still recognise their likes and dislikes.
I often think the presentation of a gift makes a lot of difference - it can be hand made or a tiny thing from a variety store but presented nicely can appear like a million dollar gift to the recipent:)
Take care
scrappy quilter said…
Awe, looks like a wonderful box filled with goodies.
Joyce said…
What a thoughtful and creative gift! We are really into things Japanese in this household also. I think our favorite movies are from Studio Ghilbli (Japanese).

Fun times!
Tilly said…
What a lovely present and really thoughtful.
Hubby's best mate is half Japanese and they often have a 'boys day out' and eat lots of yummy Japanese food. He general comes home with something interesting from the Japanese supermarket.
Rina said…
What a sweet thing for them to do!

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