Unfortunately Linda

I can't stop! Thanks Karen for the idea.
"What you do is, do a google search for "unfortunately (Your name here)" ... don't forget the quotation marks! Here a just a few of the ones that came up for my name:"

Unfortunately Linda will not be producing anymore of these with the death of her hog island female (miss peaches) this particular line has come to an end. I guess she could try with another female but what made the litter was the high orange and almost spotlessness of miss peaches (hello, I am not a boa constrictor)

Unfortunately, Linda's third go in the movies was not to be. After watching Stardust at her former secretary's house in Chicago, the house caught fire, and Linda died after suffering burns on 90% of her body. She died beautiful, excited about the future, and with the memory of the earlier teen Linda with her whole life ahead of her. (a famous hollywood beauty, I don't think so)

Unfortunately, Linda Goodman’s life was not all about wildly popular bestsellers. In fact, her daughter Sarah Elizabeth Snyder, affectionately nicknamed Sally by Linda, died in early December 1973. (Love Letters from Linda, how intriguing!)

unfortunately, Linda's leg had been injured early in the fight, and it kept her from being involved in the final decision, which was Amber Burton forcing Allante to submit to the Dominat*** Lock. This made Amber the first Ring of Beauty Champion. (professional women's wrestler!)

Unfortunately Linda Stein passed about on October 30th 2007. Apparently she was murdered in New York City. Police are investigating her death.

Unfortunately Linda's got pushed out of its longtime location, but despite that injustice I have to say that this new location on Redondo is much, much nicer. (A Mexican restaurant, that's better, I like that)

unfortunately Linda & Ted were picking up more Gigs than the other guys wanted so they then Auditioned Wendy and Derek Dewes,(S.B.015.) Kiwi's that had just come to Aus looking for a Gig after finishing a booking in the Whitsundays. They were so impressed with the sound that Wendy & Derek called up their drummer, Neil Williamson and they all moved into town and they blitzed the Clubs and Pubs with their new sound. (Wow!)

Pete has been hypnotised by Linda and every time someone says the word ‘now’ he behaves like a chicken for ten seconds. Unfortunately, Linda can’t undo the hypnosis so Pete gets into some serious trouble at school. (Round the Twist)

Unfortunately Linda doesn't know her name so we will call her "Tamara" since that is one of my favorite Russian names. (Unlike Cheers, this is the party where no one knows anyone's name, but everyone is happy anyway.) (Huh?)

Unfortunately, Linda’s behavior has driven a wedge between her and the family.

Without fail, Linda will experience medical emergencies at the most inopportune times (e.g. moments before a family gathering, someone’s birthday party, when Milton is walking out of the door to go fishing with a buddy). If the focus is not on Linda, look out. She will become “very ill” during an event. What is even more unfortunate is that Linda’s attention-seeking behavior has developed into a serious psychological disorder.

Unfortunately Linda crashed early in the race when a Russian rider tumbled ahead of her. Linda was catapulted over her bike hitting her arm. "I'll never forget coming up to the tent. When I saw my coach, I put my bike down, put my head on his shoulder and just burst into tears because I had given up so much to get there.

Unfortunately, Linda ended up taking the car through a rough construction zone, including a pile of gravel that she couldn't get around. Mark had lost consciousness as they had driven through St. George – she wasn't about to let a pile of gravel stop her.

Visit Mexico, 1939


Caroline said…
I googled my name. Very funny. Then I googled my full name & it ws amazing how many people in the world with the same name. Mine were mostly Irish which makes sense as I have Irish Ancestary.
Cathy said…
Hello Linda
Well, there certainly were some strange things turn up when I googled my name
Thanks for this bit of run - I may make a post from it over the weekend lol
Take care
I need to do the google meme lol. Love both your blogs :).

The flowers from my picture are poppies that grow in the desert where I grew up. Every year the entire mountain turns green, yellow and orange from them.

Have a great weekend,
Penny \IiiI
Texan landed in Michigan
scrappy quilter said…
That is so funny. I've read a number of them today.
Thundercatt99 said…
This is great!

Unfortunately, Tim Will Not Go To Prison Because Of This.

Unfortunately, Tim is missing the forest for the trees.

Unfortunately Tim Horton's is NOT Canadian ....

I might have to make a post of this too! lol
Tilly said…
I love this kind of thing, I'll have to have a go.
Karen said…
Wasn't that fun? I really had fun with mine! Thanks for letting me know you did it, too. Have a great day!!
Rosezilla said…
Hello, I am wandering about in blogland and came to yours via Cathy's. This is fun, I did my name and it had some interesting things come up!

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