Why I Live where I Live

This is a response to Caroline's question. I did hope to do something like housework this morning, but it is so cold, I came to the computer to have a cup of tea. These photos are from November 2005. Other photos can be found by clicking on the Australian photos tag at the end of this post. We came here because my husband teaching contract was to run out and this place offered a "permanent" job. Prior to this after his first initial teaching stint of 17 years he was in manufacturing. Very dicey, but at least he got to go to the US and Canada.

These photos were taken while our eldest son was learning to drive.


scrappy quilter said…
Beautiful and stunning...there are no other words.
The pictures really make a statement about why you live where you do.
Out Back said…
Beautiful Linda,


I might have a go at doing a post about this, lots of photos to go through though.

Hope it has warmed up for you now, it was cold here this morning but it is lovely outside now. 27C here today.

Paola said…
Just gorgeous Linda.
Tatersmama said…
The area where you live, is so beautiful and green! I love it!
Cathy said…
Hello Linda
Thanks for telling us about nearby places - this is a really good meme for us to take part in and I enjoyed my contribution. It is good for us to see for ourselves 'Where and why people live where they live'
Take care
Absolutely beautiful, Linda!!
Tilly said…
Looks lovely, such beautiful scenery.
Caroline said…
Hi Linda have linked this post to my blog. The mountains are beautiful.
flmom said…
I always enjoy seeing your lovely pictures - it's like taking a mini vacation!
boy that's gorgeous! I want to live there too!
Leanne said…
Oh is there any more reason than that!? Beautiful...you've just given my dormant yearning to escape a stir!
Linda said…
I'd have to have had my weetbix to answer Leanne. I will have a think and add a comment later.
Linda said…
No I think we are very practical where we live, all the other things are just a bonus.
Wow yes it is a beautiful place to live!!!

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