Words & Pictures ~ Cosy

It is Saturday morning. My daughter is sitting right next to the cat on the carpet playing her DS. There were a stack of pancakes earlier on a plate in the kitchen. Our eighteen year old son and his twelve year old sister started out discussing what is on their respective phones and are now watching Austar together on the couch. Hubby is filling a tablespoon with a dark spice to add to his two simmering pots of apples and green chillies and other ingredients for sauce.

What does cosy mean? Check it out here.

This afternoon I pulled out an old Australian Country Collections magazine. They always had some words from Rick Rutherford in the front, and he describes country homes and I suppose their cosiness. On Rick's website if you click on House Tours, you will find the word cosy mentioned in various places. What wonderful photos!

This seems to be a Tuesday meme at Hello! It's Meet Me At Mikes! The link up for this week's post is here.


scrappy quilter said…
Don't you just love a cosy home...
Joyce said…
Family times, with everyone busy or playing or talking together, are cosy times, I think.

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