My World Tuesday ~ April 28

These photos are about 10 days old, they show a place in the bush where there was burning off. I am guessing in preparation for next years fire season.

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Nice photos, the sky is so lovely and clear.
Michele said…
I hope next years fire season will not be bad but better safe than sorry. These pictures are pretty with the smoke, it gives a serene look.
Thistledew Farm said…
Great pictures - I hope the fires are reduced due to the burn off. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
joolzmac said…
Hi Linda

Nice photos, very peaceful.

Each time I visit your blog, I can't help thinking that the bows on your back ground look like big spiders....I'm arachnaphobic!

Have a good week,

Cheers - Joolz
Linda said…
I will change background soon, having been thinking of doing it.

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