Simple Woman's Daybook ~ April 13

FOR TODAY Friday...

Outside my window... it is dark again

I am thinking... I wish you didn't have to turn off one broadband connection to get another

I am thankful for... my children's positive attitude

From the kitchen... Chilli Con Carne with rice

I am wearing... my good jeans and t-shirt and a very old but practical cardigan

I am creating... a new home

I am going... maybe to the holiday house my parents in law and sister in law and our niece are staying in

I am reading... Secrets on the Wind by Stephanie Grace Whitson, I have already read Until We Reach Home by Lynn Austin

I am hoping... I make all the right decision about activities, moving, staging, the whole gammat

I am hearing... Austar or pay TV

Around the house... A very happy dog outside who has been playing with the girls all day. The girls named all 13 fish in the pond.

One of my favorite things... my little girl asking me what the A, G, N, and C and perhaps another letter where on the vintage anodised? canisters. I said something like Allspice, Ginger, Nutmeg, Cinnamon.

A few plans for the rest of the week: trying to make the most of the week left of the school holidays by getting lots done

Here is picture thought I am sharing... the chicken/chook house is gone! Next job gardening and putting wood in the wood shed. Does anyone know where to buy line wire?

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Sarah Lulu said…
I need to get some more wood for winter too ...gets cold here ..often minus 8C at night.
scrappy quilter said…
I haven't read Stephanie's book yet. I enjoy her writing as well. She is also a quilter, did you know that. What did you think of Lynn Austin's book.

Chilli Con Carne sounds great.
Cathy said…
Hello Linda
Are you talking about the wire to restring a Hills Hoist?
If so - if theres a Bunnings near you maybe try there, or Mitre10 or Bowens - I've seen it in one of those places
Love that rainbow
Take care
Sarah Lulu said…
Is the simple woman's daybook something you do now and then?

AND ...I've awarded my Lemonade awards today ...

Thank you for mine.

Sarah Lulu
Linda said…
That is very cold Sarah Lulu. I met someone online last year, not sure where she lived in NSW, but it seemed cold there as well. Our hometown was about minus 5 and the worst we have experienced is minus 7 I think. Or maybe that was our hometown after we left, it was a couple of years ago.

I didn't like it as much as the last one I read. But it was very good, I think the last one was just extra special.

Cathy, yes, an old silver one like the one pictured. Thanks.

I have added in the link for the Simple Woman's Daybook, I was supposed to add it, sorry it took so long. It is a weekly thing. I am usually a day or so early.

You are welcome.

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