Simple Woman's Daybook ~ April 27

FOR TODAY Saturday...

Outside my window... I have just closed the blinds, it is only 5.30pm

I am thinking... I hope my husband feels settled soon, we have had near disasters, but I think we are getting there. Well setbacks would be more the word. I don't know how I did all the organising to live in two houses in 2003

I am thankful for... we were able to fix the car. It runs on LPG and would cost $30 extra a week to run on petrol to work which would have been too much. If my husband wasn't able to fix it himself it would have been very inconvenient possibly leaving the car 1 1/2 hours away possible for a week

From the kitchen... good question, I think we have the ingredients for spaghetti bolognaise for our first sleepover night at this house

I am wearing... my good jeans are no longer wearable, two holes have appeared, so op-shop jeans today with polar fleece and t-shirt

I am creating... a place for the dog kennel to go, we have put it in place

I am going... to our old house one day so we can have our evening meal there

I am reading... Annette Smith, Charlotte Leaves The Light On

I am hoping... everything falls into place, maybe I need two fridges, I don't know; things like that

I am hearing... music while our second son does his VCE homework

Around the house... some stick on hooks were put in the girls room to hold their clock and their calendar

One of my favorite things... a doona cover I hope to buy in a few weeks, I hope I can get that organised, it matches my new room, I know I mentioned it last week, still hoping

A few plans for the rest of the week: my calendar isn't here, which must be a disadvantage, maybe I can pick it up tomorrow, maybe organising the kids to go on the bus

Here is picture thought I am sharing... I think this was taken last weekend. It is a lot different, first Thursday was smokey, today Saturday it is raining. I think the trees had more colour as we came past today.

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Catching up on your corner of the world...loved the picture that you shared...Take care..
scrappy quilter said…
Glad it rained there and there isn't any smoke. Have a wonderful weekend.

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