Skywatch Friday ~ April 10

I am unsure if I haven't been watching the sunsets, or they are more lovely this time of year. I remember starting Skywatch sometime around May? To put it more positively I know I saw the sky or sunsets last May and it was very nice. I think these photos were taken the same day as the sheep photo.


joolzmac said…
Hi Linda

We've been getting really pretty sunrises and sunsets too - more than I can remember previously.
Happy Easter.

Cheers - Joolz
Guy D said…
Wow Linda these shots are tremendous, thanks for sharing these fantastic colors.

Have a great weekend
Regina In Pictures
I've noticed them the last couple of nights, perhaps it is because daylight saving has finished and we are still up and about that we notice them
take care
flmom said…
Serene, breathtaking, lovely - what a glorious sight you were blessed with.
scrappy quilter said…
Beautiful sunsets.
Louise said…
Spectacular colors!
Very dramatic colour.
Sarah Lulu said…
Beautiful! I posted a sunset photo in my blog posting before last. I think they are particularly lovely at this time of year.

Happy Easter, whatever that might mean to you.
Bryan said…
I see a car in that second photo. Did you pull off the road to get these beautiful shots?
Anonymous said…
Lovely golden view.
Have a great Easter.
Mary ElizabethBlog.
Linda said…
Bryan it is outside our house.
Dramatic sky and lovely colours :)
Have a fine weekend!
Island Style said…
What a treat..this is expecially lovely..I'd say enchanting and framed so nicely-
Joyce said…
Beautiful sunsets, Linda.
The most beautiful, spectacular sunsets I've ever seen were in the deserts of Arizona, where I grew up. Perhaps the setting sun reflects off the sand in the air to give brilliant reds and oranges, similar to what is shown in your photo.
Arija said…
Lovely sunsets Linda. Your hillsides look a bit like our paddocks although your valley is much greener. We ae in our 7th. year of drought, all our dams have been dry since the summer of 2007, and our bores are drying up. Magpies are dieing from lack of food...but we do get some lovely sunrises even without the rain.
What amazing colors in the sky! Very beautiful.
Tilly said…
Fantastic sunsets. I think we may be in for a good one this evening.
Merisi said…
Brilliant colours!

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