Wrap Up Christian Reading Challenge

Just after Christmas I joined this challenge at MizB Challenges You.

"This challenge asks you to:

* create a list of Christian books that you’d like to read…
* titles can be fiction, nonfiction, or a mixture of both
* read these between January 1st - April 30th, 2009
* overlaps with other challenges ARE allowed
* eBooks and Audiobooks ARE allowed"

At the time I wrote this:

Since this goes over 4 months, and last time, I think in three months I read 14 books; maybe I am a bit light. However, it is hot here at least for a couple of months and this house isn't airconditioned and I am going to be looking after the kids on my own mostly until February when they resume school for first term. I have added the last Emilie Richards novel I want to read in the series, so I think I have an achievable list, but not too generous on myself either. Emilie Richards may not meet the criteria, I'm not sure about it, but enjoyed reading the others even though there is a slight cloud over them possibly. This challenge is great because it helps things settle back into a normal pattern after Christmas.

It was interesting to read about the airconditioning as we had a very hot summer, that finished with February 7, February 8 where we are because our weather is a day later than the rest of Victoria. That was the horrible day of the bushfires in Melbourne. By February 8 it was the day I didn't want to cope with the heat anymore, and that day developed heat rash or maybe now I am thinking it was hives. It went away after a very long time, but some has reappearing on my arms.

My reading did slow at one point, though I have been reading a lot lately. Some of the books were new at the library. Another reader realised that they were in at the same time, and I think this reader read them first, so I haven't read them yet myself. Just a bit of juggling with my library list.

This was my list and my original post:

Goal 12 books.

Amethyst, Lauraine Snelling
A Touch of Grace, Lauraine Snelling
Sophie's Dilema, Lauraine Snelling
The Parting, Beverly Lewis
The Forbidden, Beverly Lewis
October Song, Beverly Lewis
Anne of Green Gables
Believing The Dream, Lauraine Snelling
More Than A Dream, Lauraine Snelling
A Dream To Follow, Lauraine Snelling
What Once We Loved, Jane Kirkpatrick
Endless Chain, Emilie Richards

I have read
A Vow to Cherish by Deborah Raney
Endless Chain by Emilie Richards
Winter is Past Morren, Ruth Aztell
A town called Ruby Prairie Smith, Annette Gail
Lynn Austin, Proper Pursuit
The Saddlemaker's Wife, Earlene Fowler
Blue Heart Blessed, Susan Meissner
Wild Heather by Catherine Palmer
A New Day At Tanglewood, Annette Smith
A Town Called Ruby Prairie, Annette Smith (pdf link)
Where My Heart Belongs, Tracie Peterson
Charlotte Leaves The Light On, Annette Smith, still reading
Amethyst, by Lauraine Snelling
Secrets on the Wind by Stephanie Grace Whitson
Until We Reach Home by Lynn Austin
What Once We Loved, Jane Kirkpatrick
Tapestry of Hope, Tracie Peterson, Judith Miller
Vow To Cherish, Deborah Raney, also a movie.

18 books altogether that I know of, including one by Barbara Delinsky, one that was clean except for a word that wasn't particularly nice.

I found today my library does keep a list of books that come in for me, you can expand the latest ones. I found also: (added the read ones to the above list)

Remedy for Regret
Susan Meissner (not read)
Last Light, Terri Blackstock (read some, found it fascinating)
Dream to Follow, Lauraine Snelling, (started)


scrappy quilter said…
You did well in this challenge. Most of everything you've read, I've read. Great books.

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