13 Kids & Wanting More

Have you seen this program on TV? It is on the Lifestyle Channel in Australia click here for details. It has been aired, but I am watching it again tonight, and possibly tomorrow at lunchtime if I remember.

I could relate to how the Mum's feel, or rather two of the Mum's. Here is another website for details. I wasn't sure if you could watch it with your children, but it was good.

There are a lot of discussions about this show on the internet.

Here is an unrelated article, a lovely one about a similarly sized family.

I liked the bit at the end, because after my fifth, and some trouble explaining my actions at the hospital came to the same conclusion rightly or wrongly. However, I didn't have any more.

"My analogy would be that you see these people, these doctors maybe in their 60s, and they say, 'I don't want to retire because I'm a really good surgeon and I like doing it,' and nobody ever says anything about that. People have loads of cars and they buy really big houses and they can't even fill the rooms, and people think, good on them. Well, we just really enjoy having kids, and while we're healthy and can give them a good life I don't see anything wrong with it.

"We've had people say, 'Don't you think it's selfish to have that many kids?' But, to be honest, for 21 years we've been running around after kids, so I don't feel we've been selfish. I feel like we've put the work in. We're just ordinary people - we just like kids."


My Sister has 7 kiddos and in this day and age you should see/hear the uproaor she gets when it is brought up,
Her hubby tho takes the cake he was one of 18!!!!
Now that even gets me saying
'WHAT THE????"
scrappy quilter said…
I have no problem with large families if they can take care of them, love them and teach them well. It's when they expect others to give them $$ because they have large families that drives me nuts. I wish I could have had a dozen kids...it wasn't meant to be. We have 6 and even at 6 people have lots to say.
Here in the the U.S. we watch 18 kids and counting. It's about these people named the Duggers and they change the title everytime they have one. I think the first special I saw was called 14 kids. Her philosophy is that children are like flowers you can never have too many. I judge her a smidge because it seems that the older children raise the younger children and although I am sure it builds a wonderful amount of responsibility I do not see how they can be children themselves. Interesting concept. It's on http://www.tlc.discovery.com
The Old Dairy said…
I really enjoyed this show, and thought how good it was to even air something like this...Makes my 7 a poor effort really. LOL
Joyce said…
Good morning, Linda.

I hope to take the time later to look at the things you linked. This subject hits 'close to home', since we have nine children. <3

We know many large families, where the kids are loved and cared for. What gets me sad is the large families who do not properly care for or train their children. In some cultures, it is a sign of male virility to father many children, but evidently the virile guy's responsibilities are done once the baby is born!

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