Do you know any Stephen's?

I'm sure you all do. How many have heard Taylor Swift's Hey Stephen? I only heard it the first time a couple of days ago.


Out Back said…
Hi Linda,

My brother's name is Stephen Charles. It is a family name handed down the generations. My fathers name is Charles Stephen and his father was Stephen Henry.

Nice song by the way.

Caroline said…
One of my very best friends is named Steven(he spells it with a V)
My brother is also named Stephen!!
My boss is also named Stephen!!
SOooo all my life all I have heard is Stephen & Caroline(me) used in the same sentence but different Stephen's of course. Wierd Hey!!
Taylor Swift is big in our house but I don't know if that's a song I'd sing to any of the Stephen's I know!!LOL.
Linda said…
That is interesting Tania. When I thought about it, it is in our immediate family too. My husband was named it because his second name was up to the 5th generation I think, so it was a change. I couldn't use it because both names were taken by my step-sons.

I did have a cousin, how do you phrase that, he is my cousin now deceased, with a second name Stephen.

So I have Linda & Stephen too. There is a Linda & Stephen's IGA, I'm glad I don't live near it anymore and hear it a lot.

I think it is a catchy tune.

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