Simple Woman's Daybook ~ May 18

FOR TODAY Saturday...

Outside my window... not as much as we have just hung some lace curtains and the sun is hitting them

I am thinking... I haven't much time left here today

I am thankful for... the Major Mitchell Cockatoos that visited, even though I didn't see them

From the kitchen... whatever we can make with what ingredients we have left, probably mince steak

I am wearing... pale jeans, white undershirt and red windcheater

I am creating... ideas for meals, this blog post

I am going... the vet's next week, he hurt his cornea and his condition could change for the worse, so we are staying reasonably close to home, he had surgery and lots of medication

I am reading... Laura Ingalls Wilder Pioneer Girl by Megan Stine

I am hoping... the cat stays well

I am hearing... my son singing, the TV

Around the house... my new doona cover is washed and on the bed, not sure the colour is right but I'd say I'll get used to it

One of my favorite things... Feverfew, Rose Leaf Sage

A few plans for the rest of the week: maybe our dishwasher will get fixed, one of two, my husband will have his crown done, bills will get paid, as for me, I guess I will be food shopping

Here is picture thought I am sharing... not a very good photo, the moon itself was very nice. That is what we saw last time we left our new house to go home

Please visit Peggy's blog. You will find lots of people also have visited there.


Sarah Lulu said…
Isn't that an amazing photo?

I wonder when you will call the new house "home"?
scrappy quilter said…
Great photo. I'm hoping you soon call your new house "home" too.

Sorry I haven't been around at the's been a very emotional week here. I'll be back after the weekend. Hugs..
Linda said…
I think about that a lot. I guess if we keep trying, bit by bit we will get there. May try again this week. We have been making it more homey, that may help.

scrappy the two things you have had on, have been the hardest experiences for me too.

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