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FOR TODAY Saturday...

Outside my window... it is now dark

I am thinking... about why the dog is barking. We haven't had him loose in the yard at this house in the night before

I am thankful for... travel mercies and my new shoes

From the kitchen... I have a bottle of some milkshake flavouring I found in Safeway, I chose vanilla

I am wearing... old jeans, windcheater, red, and blue t-shirt and my new shoes!

I am creating... a menu plan, I have some meals planned but not enough

I am going... to my other house to sleep, it should be an interesting drive

I am reading... I have just finished a novel

I am hoping... I get a clear focus on our priorities

I am hearing... my son's music

Around the house... drying wheat (I think) we got out of the garden

One of my favorite things... though I deny it, I must like Australian Rules Football, I watched my daughter's girls team, they went to play at the regional centre. I happened to be in the same place at the same time and she asked me to come over to pick her up

A few plans for the rest of the week: the girls have an event on, maybe it will be similar to last week

Here is picture thought I am sharing... this was taken last weekend. Can you see the snow?

Please visit Peggy's blog to join in the fun.


JGH said…
Hi Linda - your blog design changed - I really like it! Hope your dog adjusts to the new place and stops barking. My dog will bark at trees, plastic bags, unfamiliar containers - whatever she can't see well in the dark is a potential enemy. Has the dog spent much time there during the day yet? Or maybe it has something to do with establishing territory. Getting the word out that he's there.

Have a great weekend!
Linda said…
Thanks for the comment about my blog.

The dog was barking at the neighbours dog directly across the road. The other dog is an agressive breed. I admit I am ignorant about them. We took our dog around the back, don't want them to form a dislike to each other, but maybe they weren't thinking that.
Linda said…
I may have to change the blog design next week, as our winter starts on the 1st.
Elena said…
I must admit I had to click on the photo to view the larger version so I could find the snow, lol.
What's the name of the mountain?
I'm a Melbourne girl - nice to find your blog.
Elena :)
Jenelle said…
Glad I found your blog. It's interesting to hear that winter is starting in where you live. Summer has started here. We have dogs that bark alot at night. They mostly bark at coyotes. We have alot of it around here. Have a good week!
Linda said…
Jenelle that is wonderful.

It is Mt. Koscuisko, the largest in Australia.

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