Skywatch Friday ~ May 1

Look what greeted my husband and the kids on their way to school on Monday or Tuesday of last week.

They are Corellas, well we have only seen them twice so that is what we think they are. I think the only other time we saw them was a couple of years ago in the same tree.

Later on that day I asked why the gumballs or green Liquid Ambar seed balls were lying under the tree. The corellas had dropped them.

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scrappy quilter said…
Wow, there's a lot of them.
Deborah said…
Too funny about them dropping the gumballs out of the tree!! I guess they wanted to make sure you knew they were there :0). They really stand out with all their white plummage. Would they be migrating through?
Linda said…
I'm not sure, will have to check that out.
Angie said…
Hi Linda, nice shot (Galahs are still here in the West!) Did they wake you up?
Joyce said…
That is so neat! Thanks for the extra info about the Little Corella. I had never heard of them before.
Beautiful birds!
We so often think of wildlife as just being part of the scene, but isn't it the case so often that they are the ones shaping it.
aren't those awesome. I love a little wildlife.
Linda said…
Angie, no I don't think so.

Joyce, will post details of my award soon.

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