Skywatch Friday ~ May 8

Canberra, Sydney or Brisbane?

I knew I hadn't finished this post off properly, but never dreamed that I did two entries for this week! Maybe it was the excitement of the first snow for the season.


Connie Peterson said…
Such beautiful views!!!! Thank you for sharing.
Sarah Lulu said…
Gorgeous photos, looks very peaceful.
joolzmac said…
Lovely clear country skies, so tranquil.
Have a nice weekend, Linda. I'm off to the netball tomorrow then I plan to have a 'pyjama' day for mothers day.

Cheers - Joolz
Syaa_Fiqq said…
Beautiful series of photos. I love the clear blue sky. Have a nice weekend..
Linda said…
Absolutely beautiful. So nice to see these blue skies after a week of rain with us.

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