Thankful Thursday ~ May 14

Thankful Thursday hosted last month at Women Taking a Stand post here last week. This week it is at Spiritually Unequal Marriage.

~ my son has taken an interest in playing the piano again and he is enjoying it

~ my daughter really well in a cross country race, and I am learning more what she likes, i.e. sport

~ we got the very things we needed for our new house, an ash bucket, a wood wheelbarrow and some guttering, all free with a little elbow grease

~ the kookaburra who came to visit while my husband was weeding the garden and watched him, and the lovely stick insect climbing the tree while I was sitting in the garden

~ a lovely baby wombat by the side of the road


Joyce said…
Hi, Linda,
Whenever I hear our children playing guitar or violin, or hear them singing, I am so thankful, too. It really rejoices my heart. <3
joolzmac said…
Hi Linda

Ooh - kookaburra's and wombats - you're so lucky. Now you just need a platypus in the creek. Lol!
Every now and again I hear a kooka singing early in the morning near our house. Love that sound. Sounds like there is harmony at your house at the moment. Always nice,

Cheers - Joolz
Linda said…
I would love a platypus in the creek!
Denise said…
Wonderful thankful post.
Lynn said…
Hi Linda,

What a lovely place you have here and your TT list is so honoring of the Lord. Have a wonderful weekend and see you again Thursday. Hugs.
Linda said…
I hope so Lynn, I'll have to make notes offline to make use of my computer time.

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