Thankful Thursday

Hosted this month at Spiritually Unequal Marriage.

I am thankful this week for:

~ a continuing supply of firewood to heat our homes

~ that our cat's eye was treatable, and that he hasn't had any setbacks after his surgery

~ that my daughter's sewing that she does at school is going OK, she is making a dress

~ our dog got away, but he was not lost and we didn't have to search for him

~ Major Mitchell cockatoos visiting our other neighbours' tree

~ the sound of corellas from my bedroom window, they visit the other neighbours tree lol


Angela said…
Such a beautiful thankful post..thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading your list.
Denise said…
Thanks for having a grateful heart.
Auntie Q said…
We are so done with the heating here! Happy Thursday!
scrappy quilter said…
What a wonderful thankful post. Hugs.
Lynn said…
I love, love hearing about pets... I smiled all through your post.

Happy TT.
Bonnie said…
hehehe... isn't it fun to share in the "joys" of animal noises. :) Thank you for the fun post (and praise God your cat is doing ok after surgery!). Put a smile on my face, imagining the birds...

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