Bushfire Affected Areas ~ Growing Back Already

Having been encouraged by a post at Cockatoo Dreaming and having the time today (Saturday), here are some recent photos my husband took of the fire damaged areas of Flowerdale and Kinglake. I am surprised at how quickly the trees are shooting. My experience with regrowth were the fires in the park at Mt. Kosciusko. I recent post on my blog shows the remaining church in Kinglake West that my kids attended for Spotlight on Christmas one year.

This is another view of the hill published in the Women's Weekly, I think in April.


scrappy quilter said…
I've always been amazed to see how quickly trees come back after a fire. Great pictures!!
Crunchie's Mum said…
We were recently in the Healesville and Narbethong area, the country side is amazingly green and the blackened trees are shooting. Its terribly sad to see the remains of houses but the country side is slowly recovering. I feel for those people still living in tents and caravans, its very cold here at night now and today is very windy.


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