Finished Costume

This is the Leafeon costume that our son wanted to make for last year's social, with no minutes and two leaves short he finished it for this year's social. My Mum made the suit, and it was a group effort, but our son made the shoes and gloves, and he is really good at sewing. He did the two toned ears and tail. I bought the material from Spotlight and the pattern, which was a penguin originally. Mum adapted it. She bought fabric stiffener and florists wire. My husband bought the brown and the light polar fleece on another trip to Spotlight, which is 1 1/2 hours away. So lots of thought and planning has gone on. We even sent measurements and clothes of our son to Mum so she could get the sizing right. It wasn't the largest size even though our son is about 6' tall.

The material for the eyes was from the op-shop and coloured with textas.


Sarah Lulu said…
Absolutely fantastic!
Out Back said…
The costume looks great Linda,

A great combined effort, a lot easier with many minds contributing different ideas.

Sorry for my absence, I have had a little trouble getting on some blogs, but hubby seems to have fixed the problem now. So I have some catching up to do.

Have a great weekend,

JGH said…
That looks terrific. I love how each member of the family made their contribution - makes it even more special.
Joyce said…
The costume turned out beautifully! Congrats to all of you for the awesome finished product. :)
Linda said…
For anyone coming here by google please search my blog for costume as there are some progress photos, like the gloves on the sewing machine for example from memory.

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