Happy Homemaker Monday

On my bedside table:
I am going to try These Boots Aren't Made for Walking by Melody Carlson or go back to Anne of Avonlea

On my TV:
What Not To Wear, Ready Steady Cook, Backyard Blitz, Super Nanny USA

On the menu for tonight:
A Salmon Pasta dish because we had broccoli left over from the last vegetable order. I eventually was able to buy the evaporated milk and the salmon

On my To Do list:
To work out how much I want to spend with Filla Freezer, I figured frozen vegetables would be heaven, at least peas and beans, I have been using dehydrated peas

New Recipe I tried last week:
Spinach Korma & Rice I usually have two cans in the cupboard of white beans/butter/cannellini, but with three this is a nice meal, but we didn't have a lot of korma, but have since bought some, also forgot the spinach at the end of cooking which my husband does sometimes, the suggested side dishes would be great

In the craft basket:
My son's Leafeon costume, he is making ears with fabric stiffener and polar fleece, that I think can be stitched to the hem of his fur beanie, that goes over the mask that has extra material not trimmed off it

Looking forward to:
My husband's computer being fixed, his reports written, and our son's exams and his costume being finished

Homemaking Tip for this week:
If you love gardening consider old Our House (Australia) magazines for ideas

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other):
I liked the look of this pasta

Favorite photo from last week:

Lesson learned the past few days:
it's is hard to get some perennials I have an interest in, they sell fast possibly.

On my Prayer List:
I have forgotten again.

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:
Matthew 5:8 from the novel I was reading by Lauraine Snelling, More Than A Dream

This meme is from Sandra's blog.


That is a darling photo!!
scrappy quilter said…
What a precious photo.

I have never read Melody Carlson, however she is a favorite of my daughters. Hope you enjoy it.
A Joyful Chaos said…
What a cute photo! Enjoyed the glimpse of your life.
Out Back said…
What a cutie pie!

Thanks for sharing your homemaking day.


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