Michael Jackson

Please let me know any nice blog tributes that have been posted about the passing of Michael Jackson, aged 50. I have been watching his top 30 videos on Vh Channel, haven't found any that I can embed. Maybe I can look again later. For any that haven't heard, here is a news report.


Sarah Lulu said…
Have you tried googling tribute videos?

Very sad isn't it?

Some flames burn so brightly ..they burn out fast too.
I first knew when the Typical txt messages followed!
It was quite a shock.
But with the prescription drugs abuse and all...
I guess one body can only take so much.
So sad for the kids involved.
Tatersmama said…
What a shock!
All I can think of is his poor children... since Debbie say's "they're not mine, they're Michael's"
Whats up with that??

May he R.I.P.
Linda said…
I like how today the 2nd most popular video is the one from his childhood, which is the one I most want to watch.

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