Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... it is dark

I am thinking... about the possible goat moths we saw floating around like snowflakes or little squares of floating bark in the light of the car headlights, one followed us inside the house too

I am thankful for... my son's girlfriend arriving home safely from Europe

From the kitchen... nothing here, we had "tea" before we came, which reminds me, this "tea"/dinner thing was made a fuss of in an American novel I borrowed recently and enjoyed, Melody Carlson's Awakening Heart

I am wearing... a jacket as the house was cold when I came here, the heaters are on, but it will take a long while to warm the house up

I am creating... a shopping list and calendar entries and notes

I am going... food shopping, home first

I am reading... Anne of Avonlea

I am hoping... my plans are sensible this pay cycle

I am hearing... the whir of my UPS

Around the house... my new pine cupboard with crochet edging, I got a surprise to see it standing there when we arrived tonight

One of my favorite things... my new doona cover now that I am used to it

A few plans for the rest of the week: packing my daughters things for the long weekend, we have Queen's Birthday weekend

Here is picture thought I am sharing... it is a few days old now

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Joyce said…
Hi, Linda,

I'm finally getting round to visit blogging friends.

Will it get very cold for you during the winter where you live? Is a doona like what we call a comforter, a warm cover for the bed?

Take care!
Linda said…
It doesn't get below -5oC or 23oF. It is usually warmer than that. Our hometown was that temperature at night.

We do have colder days here though, it can be 8oC or 46oF here but not in my hometown, that we lived in up until 6 years ago. We live in the same area in Victoria, but it is not close.

A doona is a duvet. A comforter, is that like a eiderdown? We used to have those before doonas came to Australia. Not sure if they are the same doona/comforter. Maybe someone like tatasmama may help.

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