Trouble Reading Blog?

I am using a computer on IE at the moment, my blog closes. Months ago I was adding links and found it impossible on IE. So my browser of choice usually is Firefox. How about you?


Edith said…
I use Firefox and much prefer it to anything else.
joolzmac said…
Yeah must say I've been using Firefox too. A little bit quicker?

scrappy quilter said…
I have firefox as well, however I still am having trouble reading some blogs (yours is one of them). Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Out Back said…
Hi Linda,

I have had to install Firefox as well, and there is a great improvement.

Linda said…
I was wondering if that was your fix Tania. I was hoping it would help scrappy. One the weekend or next week, maybe I could remove some code and see if that helps.

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