I was going through my photos from 2008 the other night. I had brought my computer home from the new house, and was waiting for the internet to be connected, so I looked through my photos. You may remember I was unable to finish the post with a photo for each month of 2008.

I found it a very useful and encouraging exercise. It gave me a bit of perspective.

Here is a post I wrote on New Year's Eve. Click here.

I must say I started my blog on the 24th June. So I am a little bit past my blog anniversary.

This is photo of where we finished up with the laundry. I started the journey of the renovation of the house on my old blog, here.

Originally there was metal braised on the sink I think attached to a 60s asbestos shower that had rotting wood I think inside it. The aqua part was unpainted. There were no machine taps and the taps for the sink ran under the window I think like a garden tap. We have still to replace the badge on the sink, the retro badge. My husband did the enamel again, I think with car paint we had in the shed. I think the car is long gone. I think it was for the roof of a car that was white and the body burgundy. I got the curtains from ebay, and I also have a light that we have to have installed after we repair the crack that happened when the electrician worked on that area. He also installed a ceiling fan for the shower. I know a more upmarket job could be done, but this was our budget fix.

June was a butterfly event. One of our children saw the newly hatched butterflies start to fly.

To be continued.


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