Back to Basics Challenge

Sowing seed or Planting -

  • my husband tells me the Vietnamese mint that is so plentiful has been frost burnt but has shot again
Planning for The Future -
  • I made myself go and do the fortnightly shop and didn't give in and make a list for hubby to do in the local store. It was quite cold and there were two cows out on the road, but the two girls and I had a nice day despite the eftpos machine being out of order in the store. (It is much better than the local store that gets closed during blackouts.) The menu got planned except for the fine detail which I have now done without needing extra vegetables except maybe bean shoots. Yes, the girls and I spent a little too much, but the school holidays are like that, and you also need extra food and things.
    Here is the recipe I had planned for the Vietnamese mint.
  • I got some paint catalogues from Dulux. This requires planning as I don't think there is a Dulux stockist near us, so it was worked into a 1 1/2 hour trip to the regional centre. It was worth it and the paint centre was right next to the other shops my husband and the kids had planned to go to. The colours I liked from the old Freedom catalogue from 2007 are still current colours, and I was surprised to know some colours I knew from years ago are still relevant too. That is fantastic as I can paint magnolia in our current bathroom, which is basically what it is now, but the ceiling is cracked. The previous owners painted it and both colours are nice. The door colour we have is also a similar recommended colour in the brochure, which is a brochure about whites. I also have used white opal in the past. My new favourite colour is Hog Bristle. Have tried it out in the new house, the colour swatch and it matches the 70s tiles which were quality at the time, and I don't feel like replacing them. Got lots of ideas for Hog Bristle, it matches cream and wood, and in the Freedom catalogue they had a little orange & brown and purple accents.
  • Prior to this we picked out a lighter shade for our ceiling rose from Wattyl called Geisa Girl.

Working for the Future -
  • my husband is busy sanding down the ceiling he successfully screwed up to extra batterns. He glued up the ceiling rose and it is still there too.
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scrappy quilter said…
I wish blogger would get the problem fixed with ie and firefox. Grrrrrrrrrrrr..

Isn't it fun looking at paint ideas and then painting. I'm so loving how the rooms we've gotten painted are looking. I'm trying to stick to historical colors because our home is over 100 years old. Some success, however it's hard when I see some of the newer colors. Have fun painting and deciding what you're going to use.
Linda said…
I hear you about the modern colours. I have been sorry I have used them before.

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