Buddy's Friday

I think this is a great meme. I found the start page for it, but as my internet speed is restricted for a few days I will have to wait to sort it all out in my mind on how to play along. However I did see this rather dramatic video about a week or so ago. I can relate to it, and by participating in Buddy's I hope it helps the cause to make sure that if people find themselves in this position the drama is not so much. I have had experience with this sort of thing back before we came here, and the company my husband worked for while it was there, actually took him to Canada. While there he went for a drive on the weekend and nearly made it to Detroit. That was special to me.

All the Buddy's Fridays on the host site can be found here. I found it on Frugal Carol's blog, I've seen it before of course, but went there reading about Independence Days that I for some reason thought was finished.

Psst, did I see Oopsey over there?


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