Check out Joolz' Vegemite Post

Joolz has a great post in honour of the new Vegemite on the market, a mix of Vegemite and something else actually. Thanks Joolz, I wanted to see what it looked like. All Joolz pictures and explanations are great. I won't say much more, but here is a Vegemite photo to add to those Joolz posted here. You can click on my photo to go to the original photo and it's owners photo album.

I love those little guys.

I prefer Vegemite on white bread, and Promite on brown bread. I am not sure what my children use as my jars always are a little stale, Vegemite and Promite have to stay clean to appreciate their gorgeous flavour. My Nana was the one with the Promite in the cupboard, it is probably because it is a little less acidic.

And like any good Aussie mother (I know not all have my confidence) my children had Vegemite on their first slices of toast, their first lunches.


I love vegimite!
Can't do the promite/marmite thang!
My Son has had a cheese and vegimite sambo virtually everyday since he could eat!
But this new "stuff" Hmmm? Messing with vegimite...Not sure bout that? lol!
Linda said…
I don't like Marmite or Mightymite.

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