My 20 Favourites

20 Of My Favourite Things

1. Color-
used to be red, currently I like lime towels like those from Ezibuy called Greentea, red I am wearing again after a long break, why? Because it suits me.

2. Dessert-as a child/teenager my Nana knew my favourites. Self-saucing chocolate pudding, apple crumble, trifle with walnuts. My Mum did baked apples. I don't eat dessert now, I don't think it is necessary unless it is cold or something. Plus, it would make my shopping much more bulky and I already fill the trolley. At Christmastime we buy some in the hampers. I do like Christmas pudding, and love Sweet Impossibly pie that I made a few months ago, along with Golden Syrup dumplings. Not a popular thought but I don't like things made with real chocolate, I think that is over the top. However, the kids do bake with chocolate chips.

3. Smell-I am revisiting the smells of childhood like cut wood for the heater and hay, nice. My thinking must be very shallow, I am sure there are some current favourites.

4. Flower-Iceland Poppies, I have gone off Singapore Orchids which I used to get very excited about, years ago

5. Animal-animals I have gone off, though I think I just say that to myself,

6. Month-my birthday month of course!

7. Beverage-always tea, the English style

8. Pair of shoes-last year I visited the shoe shop with the kids and found out what I was missing. Did I buy myself a pair? Sadly no.

9. Snack-used to be faithfully a Ski yoghurt every night. Haven't done that for years.

10. Song-maybe classic Lee Kernaghan

11. Book-The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder

12. Fruit-at one point adored Strawberry Guavas on icecream, grapes, nectarines. I think I would still love a nectarine!

13. Hairstyle-nothing overdone, though my daughter looked lovely with a nice hairstyle

14. Piece of clothing-I am annoyed mostly with my clothes, have to say my warm windcheaters

15. Store to clothes shop-somewhere with warm clothes!

16. Season-not autumn, I think spring, though it is very busy

17. Hobby-crochet, when I do it, I'd say reading

18. Thing to collect-books or rather novels

19. Movie-Love Comes Softly

20. Restaurant-Umm, maybe McDonalds?

I have trouble answering these type of questions. I am the same in real life. I suppose it is good practise, for more precise speech. I have a habit of answering something from one or two decades ago, like favourite dessert, when I haven't eaten it lately at all. So is the question all time favourite or current favourite? Hmm. Maybe I'll do a bit of both.

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Joyce said…
Hi, Linda,
Well, I agree with you that it can be difficult to answer these things. Like you, I will have favorite things, perhaps get tired of them, and then return to them years later.

Autumn is my favorite season, but autumn in the States may be very different from autumn in Australia.

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