A Reflection on 2008 ~ Our fifth seachange year

I started this post on the 2nd February (if I can read the date right, we have our dates "backwards" in Australia. I imagine I didn't finish the post because of the extreme heat prior to the horrible bushfires on February 7 and the heat at our place again on February 8. Everything this year is before and after the bushfires rather than last year and this year. I thought it was worth still publishing though I am not going to continue photos for each month, unless I get some time and add them in, or continue in another post. Since I have done a post for all the years I have been living here in this remote location, away from urban living (though it is really not that bad, though it may depend which day you ask me) I will add this with links to the other years, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004 (continued 2004) with another 2003 which was in a rented farmhouse, with more posts about it in the seachange label.

It is getting on in the year now, this was to be for the New Year, now it is a record of another seachange year.

I found a great blog post reflecting on 2008 at Ferns by the Fireside. There is also a Mr. Linky on the place where Saminda got it from, so I can visit some more posts. I didn't blog here in January but thought I would start there. I don't have the original sentences from actual blog posts, it was nearly mid-year when started blogging. It is from my photos, not actual blog posts.


We got busy taking down lattice and painting at the new house


We finished putting tung oil on two floors.


The kids went to the Agricultural Show, pictured only one of mine lol


Our door was finished


scrappy quilter said…
Looking good Linda.

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