At the well

Gathering At the Well

How can we lay a welcome mat of love for our husbands after a long day of hard work?
How can we make our homes inviting places where Daddy longs to be at the end of a long day?
How can we involve our children in this process and teach them to show reverence to their Daddy?

I found two things a help to my resolve to make things better for my family. One was reading the Duggar character grid and reading about the things that our responsibility. However, today (Saturday) I felt very tired. I could hardly talk. So a goal for me would be to look after myself better and then remember on the good days to go ahead with the jobs I have planned, like that last bit of decluttering on top of my wardrobe, which is nearly there. It was interesting to watch Wife Swap USA and get a good strong opinion about clutter in the episode about the lady with four kids with the shower full of toilet paper. It must be in season 1 as I can't find it in the website. No, I don't have lots of nick knacks, I was interested in the views of the lady with the nice house.

She was very critical of the disorganisation, basically too much stuff. She took it all to the storage place. However, she felt very distressed about her way of life which was working, although I don't think the family said anything to her.

Welcome to The Cabin

I have found this study very good. I had already done study on the scripture of Titus 2 about how the love in that was more like like. I had been wondering about the love word for ? col 3:19
agapao love

Guess what? They are not the same. Husbands have to love their wives in a different way that wives love their husbands. Both totally different words to 1Cor13. I have found it the answer to what I have been feeling lately if I let it soak in.

Both times my husband got out his Young concordance. I didn't realise you had to have a knowledge of the Greek alphabet to use it, you know, to know what is alphabetical in Greek.

I found the stuff below here.

Colossians 3:18 (NASB) Wives, be subject to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.

I don't want to pick on the wives again, but let me ask you a question: "Do you see any conditions in this command to the wives?" It does not say, "Wives submit to your husband as long as he is loving you." In a moment we'll look at the command to the husbands to love their wives, and we'll see that there aren't any conditions to that command either. It doesn't say, "Husbands love your wife as long as she is submitting to you." Wives are commanded to submit, and husbands are commanded to love regardless of what the spouse does. Your submitting and your loving are to be unto the Lord.

Last week when I was on vacation, I was talking to a Christian woman who was having problems with her husband, and I told her that her biblical responsibility was to submit to him out of a love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Another woman who was there said, "Her husband is not loving her, so she does not need to submit to him." Is that biblical? NO! Is there a Biblical exception to submission? Yes! One:

Colossians 3:19 (NASB) Husbands, love your wives, and do not be embittered against them.

Wives, let's be sure that we understand that this verse is not addressed to you! It does not say, "Wives make sure your husband loves you, remind him every day." This command is to the husbands. Men, this is your responsibility regarding your marriage.

Young's Concordance agapao, or the love my husband has to have for me:

"love" of persons, to welcome, entertain,...generally to love, feel regard for, generally to love, feel satisfaction in

The love that wives have to have, this is what I wrote before: My husband looked it up in the Lexicon for me and the word is used like "I am fond of country living" or "I am fond of travel". Like these days when someone asks how do you like you new job, and they might reply "I love it". (I wouldn't use that phrase, always hard for me to think in those terms about something like a job or a place of living, I usually mumble a yes, and then wonder if I really do love it.)

There is: fond of blood, fond of wailing, fond of watching the contest, fond of being in the contest, fond of flowers, fond of your sister or your brother. Yes, they are all in the Lexicon.

It is so modern isn't it? You can imagine people categorised by these fondness for things good or bad. So we have to be categorised as being fond of our husband and children.


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