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Sowing seed or Planting

Planning for The Future

I spent some time finding recipes for bacon, and we adapted a recipe for chili plum sausages. Some ingredients last week we didn't get to buy because we needed the money for our trip to Canberra. So a cream free carbonara was just the ticket.

Working for the Future

Well as usual we put our scrap food outside, and other left over food we fed to the dog.

We went looking around our preserves cupboard to see if there is much jam melon pickles or chutney left. We had jam melons left so if needed we could think about making a batch.

Building Community

My children attended a graduation ceremony with a audience of various cultures other than our own. I really enjoyed it.

I picked up some brochures at the doctors about how the surgery works and how to go about making appointments in the way they suggest.

Learn a new Skill

My twelve year old daughter snipped a recipe from a Woolworths catalogue and made some homemade scones. She said that was her inspiration but she actually used a recipe from a High School cookbook.

Our son mixed up some sushi mix with cold rice, some Japanese style tuna from Coles, carrots and cucumber and nori.

I learnt how to go through one of those security check points, as I visited Parliment House.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


thanks for the link to the recipe, it looks yummy and super simple, may give it a try this week.

Gill in Canada
scrappy quilter said…
Another great list. Where is Canberra?
Linda said…
It is 4 hours to the north east of us. It is very similar, but slightly colder. It takes four hours because you either have to go over the mountain or around it. At the moment there is too much snow.
Linda said…
It is basically at the northern end of the mountain, the Snowy Mountains, the highest ones in Australia. On the east side you can go to the Pacific ocean. We have always lived on the west side of mountains. The mountains run up the east coast of Australia.

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