Daily List

Writing assignment from A thousand words... and then some is:

Write a list of a dozen things you do every single day of your life...

* * *

A kettle of water comes to a boil over a smoky campfire

1. Put wood on the fire

2. Open the blinds

3. Have a shower

4. Drink probably 4-5 cups of tea

5. Drive someone somewhere

6. Check my menu to work out what we are having for tea (dinner) and make sure the recipe is available

7. Supervise the kids

8. Wipe the table for lunch, or clean up the afternoon plates etc. one or the other usually

9. Check that the dog has had his second meal for the day

10. Check the bathroom door and toilet door is shut, over and over

11. Check the sky, something that has become habit from skywatch friday

12. Check email.


Amy said…

I like the "supervise the kids" one. Remember the days when we did ALL of the manual labor? ALL the dishes, ALL the laundry, ALL of the cooking and cleaning ourselves? Not like I don't do any of it anymore, but it has definitely changed to more of the supervising for me now, also.

Great list! Life isn't so very different in Australia than in NY, is it? Great picture choice, although I do prefer the simplicity of heating my water electrically. :)

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