The Ellie Bellie Meme

what are your most common nicknames?
Mum, dear, kickie, Lindy, not to be confused with Lindy Chamberlain.

what is today's weather?
It feels cold as my heater fan is broken, but cloudy. Yikes, it is only supposed to be 12 oC. I felt cold when I woke up too, thought I was imagining it, it was 4 oC. For a translation I have a F weather widget, though that is not right next to us, but there you go.

where did go on vacation this year?
I didn't go on vacation as such. I have been to Canberra last August and this August, the last time we didn't stay overnight, but got up very early. Not sure if I have been anywhere in the meantime.

what did you do there?
I had a look at Parliment House

where did you stay?
Last time a caravan park in a unit

what job do you do?
I think I do nothing, but I don't feel extra comfortable so I must do something lol

describe where you live.
In a place with hills so high they still amaze me. Places within ten miles with amazing views of the snow. I live on a hill, also a new experience and great for learning how to walk home without getting out of breath

what do you usually do on weekends?
This past two years just things related to our new house, either going there or waiting for my husband to come home from there, yes I am thinking it is no way to keep living. May as well be back at the factory?

what food hits your 'bliss spot'?
Real cream on stewed apple, you know, the runny sort

what drink really does it for you?
Just tea. If I still drank it, wine cooler is nice, and Conticream. Apparently, I didn't know it is made of rum not whiskey. I have a taste for Stones as well, but I haven't drank in years. No I don't have a problem, but after learning to have a taste for those kinds of drinks, it is a wonder lol. After reading other posts, chocolate milk.

describe the first friend that comes to your head.
Well the Stones brings to mind my childhood and teenage friend. I don't know if I have seen her drink it herself.

what was the last restaurant you went to?
I think I answered this last time as an Italian restaurant at the regional centre

where would you like to live if you had unlimited moneys and nothing stopping your dreams?

I don't think about those kinds of dreams, too black and white. I must be in the wrong or why would the Bible encourage people to store up treasures in heaven? I think I would like to go back to my place of childhood or perhaps my hometown, but I would have to give up the views, or some of the most exciting ones.

what is the likeliness of you achieving this dream home?

Depends if I ever work out which one I would rather.

what do you like to do in your spare time?

Read. It doesn't create mess.

what's your favorite genre for TV programs?


what's your favorite genre for music?

Country. Very much puts me into the box of my childhood, that is not really reflected in our lifestyle, only the car I drive and location.

what's your favorite song that's sad?

Diamantina Dream

what's your favorite soppy film?

Unfortunately I can't remember!

how about your favorite chick flick?

Love Comes Softly series.

what are you looking forward to at the moment?

Getting the house jobs ticked off. The garden growing.

what are you dreading at the moment?

Organising things, not wanting to fail.

how would you describe your personality?

Quite, reserved. Which is why I find being honest at blogging hard.

if you had a personality eraser, what part of yours might you erase?


you are given $5000 to spend in 1 day, what do you do with it? remember, no limitations!

Maybe buy my second son a car. This is AU dollars right?

what is your biggest fear?

Next fire season coming, a fire and not knowing where to go. If I really had the petrol to go far anyway.


Becca said…
Fires are just awful. Southern California seems to be on fire more often than not, and it is so scary!
I am Harriet said…
True- reading is mess-free.

Have a great Sunday.
Lorielle said…
I love to read, too. As it is too cold to go to the pool today. :(
They can be Australlion dollars. Why not? The meme that we ripped off actual said, "£5000". Well we do claim the right to edit. :) Great job...

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