Give Me Five Monday

Give Me Five places in the world you'd like to live for a year.

1. New Zealand's North Island
2. Ontario
3. Orkney
4. Texas
5. Cornwall.

I lived in Flowerdale for a year, and I thought it would never end, then I missed it.


Vivian said…
good area's...I would only want to visit my choices...not live there
BeccaGirl said…
You wouldn't regret living in Cornwall, that's for sure! England was fantastic! New Zealand would be great too. What's up with Texas of all places? Any particular reason? I've been there, a few times visiting family and it's miserably hot in Texas and they are really stuck on themselves there LOL Happy GM5!!
Stacie said…
I have seen pictures of New Zealand and I would love to go there just once to see what it was like. Love your choices! Have a great Monday.
Clara said…
I never even thought about New Zealand! I've had a bug to visit Australia forever, but recently saw a doco on a big national park on NZ's South Island that was incredible. I'd love to visit both islands.

I've been in Ontario countless times because it's right next door to Michigan where I live. That's the only place on your list I've been.
Linda said…
I think I may be the same Vivian.

Texas, well I was thinking about places in the US. My husband worked for IBM and before he started working there the people he worked with had been to Texas a lot and loved it. I admit I don't know a lot about it. A girl I grew up with lived there for perhaps 20 years, she is slightly older than me, I was friends with the family and her sister in particular. Actually I have a childhood friend who lives there now. Haven't spoken to either of them, they are lovely.

The heat must be similar to here not sure. I suppose I want to know what it is like.

New Zealand is because we have friends who moved back home and I want to learn more from what I know from them already. The snow doesn't interest me.

My husband nearly got to Detroit when he visited Canada, he did a day trip to Florence.
Interesting list - not sure where Texas fits in there! Being from Texas though I'm probably a bit biased.
Heart Felt said…
We lived in Cornwall for a little while ~ it's very pretty on the coast ~ and of course we live in the North Island of NZ now, but the South Island is incredibly beautiful too. x
Jules said…
Since I live in New Zealand's North Island I have to applaud your first choice!

I think my choices would be:
1. Tasmania (never been there but would love to visit);
2. Scotland (love the accent!);
3. Canada (I'd love to see the Northern Lights);
4. Norfolk Island (all that history); and
5. Stewart Island (bottom of New Zealand's South Island because DH loves it so and it's isolated - and hopefully peaceful).

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