Happy Homemaker Monday


The weather in my neck of the woods:
It has been raining all day lightly

One of my simple pleasures:
Watching my daughter learning how to bake

On my bedside table:
Seasons of the Heart by Janette Oke

On my TV:
Wife Swap USA
Australian Idol
Supersize Vs Superskinny

On the menu for tonight:
Turkey & Cranberry Burgers

On my To Do list:
I still have to do the university accommodation applications
help my son make the turkey burgers

New Recipe I tried last week:
Lemon, Zucchini & Chicken Pasta

In the craft basket:
No craft

Looking forward to:
my husband being home again, he was this morning, and off on another trip

Homemaking Tip for this week:
Try not to take wet wood and bark to the woodbox in a light coloured windcheater

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other):
Tending The Marriage Gardens

Favorite photo from last week:

Lesson learned the past few days:
Having my husband away is not too dissimilar to when he is away for the day on the weekends, except when things like the heater fan stops working

On my Prayer List:
travelling mercies

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:
Solomon 4:12 - 5:1

This meme is from Sandra's blog.


Jodi said…
I have read that book, its good. Cute picture. Happy Monday!
Jen said…
The pasta sounds wonderful! I'm going to try that one with my family. Love the picture. Have a great day.
Anonymous said…
I hope you have a good week. And we will pray for travel mercies!
shopannies said…
I have 3 daughters and it is so cool when they learn how to bake
Linda said…
Thank you mindingmomma.

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