Here's Where I'm Up To... Today Saturday

I saw this on Joolz blog, who saw it at Pip's blog, and I found the original page yea! It is at a very popular Australian blog called Meet Me At Mikes! (No. 3 Women) The invitation is there on the site to join in too and play.

Eilean Donan Castle, West Coast, Scotland

Making :
the sheet has come loose from my bed, I will have to remake it

Cooking :
for the second night in a row I am cheating. We have a bag of chips, peas and a box of pies in the fridge and I'll heat those

Drinking : tea, I hate making it myself, but I finally did for lunch at 3pm!

I just finished Liz Curtis Higgs, Grace In Thine Eyes, absolutely wonderful. I even got an email from Liz once. She is a lovely lady. I am going to check out things about the book on her website. She loves Scotland and apparently has written more books than the four I have read.

Wanting: To know what my husband bought me at the shops today.

At the candles the girls lit when the house was really dark. We had a short blackout today, but there was heavy rain and it was dark inside which is why the candles

Playing: This game.

I have to waste not much more time as I have to fill the woodbox, make the bed and do the tea, run my daughters bath and put her to bed, and maybe eat some cake

Sewing: I have to put pins in two pair of trousers to send back to my Mum for alteration

Wishing: the kitchen was something other than was it is, maybe more functional

the chips my daughter had for lunch

for my husband to come home from the uni open day

the fire slowly burning in the heater

Wondering: about the discussion questions in Liz's novel

Steve Ford's song Guns & Guitars

Hoping: our efforts with the kids this weekend and start of next week are going to help them in some way

Marvelling: about Michael Jackson's birthday and his music again

perhaps more sleep I feel asleep then the girls talked to me

the cake the girls baked today

a pair of slippers that are worn and because of that making my feet sore, I'd say new slippers would help more than a new kitchen

Meet Me At Mikes for thoughts about blogging

the plot in the book, how the heroine managed to fall in love twice without speaking, the author says the heroine was mute as she was to be like Dinah in the bible

Knowing: that is was on purpose, well I think so

Thinking: about which novel I will read next, the library will be hounding me soon, will have a look later after I have done some jobs

like my cold is still affecting me, particularly my chest

Bookmarking: I don't bookmark, creates mess on my computer

Opening: I have only opened the door of a cabinet to get out a mug, and it reminds me I also have to stack the dishwasher

Giggling: that is a hard one

Feeling: washed out following a phone call, nothing new, I think half of my family speak a different language!


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