In Leiu of Happy Homemaker Monday

For some reason we had a language problem. Sandra, the hostess of Happy Homemaker Monday said she would be back what I thought was Monday week, and so I didn't finish my post for Monday. I had a couple of items on it, and foolishly deleted.

Sandra recently watched some movies. One of them was Love Takes Wing. It is the 7th movie in the Love Comes Softly series based on the novels by Janette Oke. Janette Oke is the logical next book for any that read Little House On The Prairie when they were kids. At least I found it so, at the age of nearly 39. I didn't know about movies 7 & 8, so was happy Sandra mentioned it.

I bought movie 7, a treat for myself from Koorong. Had a little bit of trouble with the region on the DVD, but got to watch it without waiting too many days. Here is a lovely idea of what it is about. If you haven't watched the others, like Sandra, I don't think it would matter too much. You will be surprised with the actors on this film. I have started watching no. 8 on Youtube. My internet speed came back up last night. Yea!

I was very interested in the actor who plays Lee the blacksmith. He has my shoulders and a lot of the same genetics as perhaps my brother. The next movie has a lot of the same actors and it is called Love Finds A Home.


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