Just A Minute... In August

I have been thinking of writing my own words for a meme. Then I found this, perfect. I didn't want my own meme, just my own words. I know, clear as mud. I get to do this once a month with lots of other people on the 29th. It is hosted at August Street and has been going since January. Do you know I didn't know today was the 29th! Ahh.

Share with us all what you have been:
'Whatever'-ing... ! Any topic you like, it's all good blogging.

This is a challenge as I have just finished the one at Meet Me At Mikes, it was not for today necessarily.

Discussing... university majors and minors

Talking... about trains and the football tonight

Moving... the cat off my keyboard, kids

Listening... sunshine and lollypops

Watching... the overfull gutter in the street, flowing like a creek

Directing... my daughter away from my other daughter's game

Wondering... about Australian Idol tomorrow

Hearing... about my husbands trip to a real live Koorong book shop

Anticipating... my husband bringing home my Asian coffee bean lollies/candy

Answering... the phone to a survey person

Wearing... a windcheater with wet wood dust on it

Admiring... the bonbon my daughter made at a church craft activity

Looking... at the guineafowl feathers, natural and dyed, are they really real, also a craft item

Stumbling... over a bag because of my worn out slippers, perhaps they should go into the bin?


Jenaveve said…
Hey Linda, now that's a list! Funny though, I've never heard of Asian coffee bean lollies... I'm rather curious about these.

Have a lovely weekend!
joolzmac said…
Hey Linda,
This was a fun meme wasn't it? I always bookmark new blogs otherwise I forget where I saw them. You can always delete later if they don't turn out to be interesting.

Joolz :)
tina said…
Hi Linda! I am glad to see all is going well in Australia. Spring is coming? Fall is in the air here. I love fall but will be sad to see the plants go and the leaves on the ground. And lest I don't forget, another year gone. This is a nice meme with your own words. It really breaks down the minute...in August. Have a lovely weekend!
Karin said…
*grin* I really saw before me how you were sitting there, directing children and cats around, typing, answering the phone, doing another bit of directing... Sounds familiar! :-)
Gina said…
Oooh, I'm very scared by the sound of the Asian coffee bean lollies! Scared but compelled... very evocative post, I can see the wood dust on your jumper in my mind's eye...
Linda said…
They are gorgeous, really.

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